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Please Note:
If you do not want that your given data are saved for further usage please send us a short e-mail to office@PaulParts.at See also the chapter:Privacy or give a coresponding message in the "message to the trader" - box at the checkout.

send me an offer: Please tick the <Call Me> button in the following page of <GlobeCharge>. Only this makes sure that we can contact You to make You an offer.

Buyer Collects: This means payment when collecting the items. If the buyer collects the items by himself, there are no handling charges and of course no shipping charges. It would be great to make an appointment by e-mail or telephone when collecting the items.
Please be aware to also make the correct 'hook' on the checkout site of 'Global Charge' in the upper part of theyr site. This then avoids the payment by credit card.

Delivery outside of Austria: Because the shipping costs will be calculated individually to get the ideal shiping please tick the 'Call Me' box in the following 'Check Out' page of Global Charge. This then enables us to make You a tailored offer.

Cash on delivery: This is available in Austria only. 'Cach on Delivery' is only possible with parcels sent by Autrian Post. For prices of these parcels please view the site of the Austrian Post:
  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00   $ 379.00 Delete
  Omnia Erimus 1   
  + Extra Option $ 0.00  
  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00   $ 389.95 Delete
  Omnia Erimus 1  
  + Extra Option $ 0.00  
: $ 768.95  
: $ 730.50  
: $ 5.00  
: $ 735.50